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War Robots Hack – Best War Robots Tips and tricks review

How to get Gold and Silver with or without War Robots hack ?

Why free Gold with War Robots Hack?

Gold is one of the six available War Robots currencies ,it's one of the hardest resources to acquire since the game is P2P oriented. However the War Robots hack community talks abouts it's important use and provides their users with many freebies and mostly free Gold and Silver (we have almost infinite resources but shh).

How to earn free Gold ?

The first way is also the most obvious one:

by every level up a player will receive 50 Gold as a bonus

Other ways of acquiring free Gold without using the War Robots hack

  1. By performing well in games you will earn some bits of Gold.

  • if you capture the most beacons
  • if you have the most kills at the end of the game
  • first place will get 5 Gold
  • 3 Gold for 2nd place
  • 1 Gold for 3rd place

Daily mission Gold rewards

Two missions a day are assigned to every player which attribute the player with 30-40 gold (depending on the task)

Buying Gold on War Robots:

Some hardcore War Robots players will strive to buy some War Robots Gold (Au) with real money in order to unlock the game features faster and easier probably because they are impatient or they don't know about War Robots hack.

War Robots Gold prices:

$5 for 500 Gold

$10 for 1200 Gold

$20 for 2500 Gold

$50 for 6500 Gold

$100 for 14000 Gold

War Robots screen for buying gold
The War Robots Gold Buy Screen

If you stop playing War Robots for some time, whenever you get logged in, you will probably get reward in Gold based on the time you weren't in the game . How much time you spend offline you will receive bigger amounts of Gold. This is not such a good way to farm gold since you can't play without having another account (which is really hard to farm up) but it's for sure a good thing to know! This method is popular among the players that don't know about Walking War Robots hack.

Why free Silver ?

Silver as the easiest acquirable resource in the game is also the most urgently needed currency of the War Robots game since the upgrades after reaching level 8 are enormously expensive. The Walking War Robots Hack community strives to provide War Robots players with as many free resources as we can (don't worry we still have plenty amounts of resources in the bank).

Over half of the robot types and most of the equipment costs silver. It is the only type of currency used to upgrade robots and items to higher levels.

Getting Silver is a bit easier than acquiring gold, you will receive Silver for every accomplishment in the battle such as :

1. Most damage dealt in the battle

2. Number of enemy robots killed

3. Capped beacons

4. How many critical shots you've given to the enemy robots

5. 50% bonus for a game win

Unlike Gold ,Silver in War Robots can be exchanged (bought) - whaaat? Yep ,you can exchange your Gold for a desired amount of Silver.

War Robots Silver Exchange menu
War Robots menu for exchanging Gold for Silver
Exchange screen

Why would we use War Robots hack tool instead of getting free Gold and Silver by playing?

We gotta admit ,this is one of the most frequently asked questions about our War Robots Hack tool. There are few reasons why using our tool is x times better than trying to acquire it by hard-farming and playing 24/7. I will in-depth explain the features that our tool provides and try to tell you the function each one of them:

1. It's totally free!

C'mon, who doesn't like a good old freebie ,back in days when we used to play Runescape ,we all strived to max out our gear and to flex on other players so the new War Robots hack generations strive for the same but now in a different kind of a game!

2. It's 100% safe and ban-proof!

Our best programmers tend to care about our War Robots Hack community! As the main feature of the generator tool they've implemented the Anti-ban module!

3. Anybody can use it!

It's so simple made and the interface is so clean that anybody can figure it out.

4. It's free of any viruses of malwares

Use any antivirus or antimalware to scan our site and share the results with us ,we would be very happy to know the results since our War Robots cheat tool is 100% safe!

Youtuber under the name Manni-Gaming playing War Robots
Manni-Gaming playing War Robots
Manni-Gaming playing Walking War Robots

What our users say about us:

I've tried so many War Robots generators and followed many guides and by testing I've come to conclusion that only this one actually worked and helped me

Essential general tips for War Robots Beginners

1. Think before changing the name of your pilot since after you use the 2 free ones ,it will cost 500 gold afterwards.

2. Your game start will be with the Destrier, the best situation will be the one in which you actually don't buy another one because there will be much better robots to buy later on.

3. Your best shot will be to buy the "Cossack" known for his jumping abilities he is optimized for capturing beacons.

4. Try to take Vityaz as early as possible and equip it with a Thunder.

5. Never upgrade your Main robot past level two until you are eligible to upgrade your weapon. Remember: Weapon upgrades are priority.

6. Optimize your controls and settings and don't forgot to enable the target lock.

Why should we use Walking War Robots Hack?

You are probably a hard-working player that grinds resources 24/7 with the goal to reach all the important upgrades in short amount of time and unlock all the features by the way. Every player knows that it's really hard to gain a significant amount of Gold by playing War Robots but there are many ways to obtain the resources besides buying it directly from the store.

There is nothing wrong with playing War Robots to acquire resources or buying Gold ,either way works ,but why would you spend your precious time in grinding in a P2P game when you simply can access the free Walking War Robots Hack tool and unlock all the upgrades for FREE!

The First Method

Well ,let's be honest even the first method for gaining the valuable Gold is free and you aren't obliged to spend money but you would have to spend weeks and even months in order to gain small amounts of Gold but you really want to get in to the game core without spending any dime.

The Second Method

The Second method here is obvious ,it's essentially paying to get the resources because if you pay for the game you pay for the game ,there is no waiting and often new players will load up with bunch of gold and waste it right away not knowing what to buy ,what to upgrade and the mistake in this is that they've already spent their money.

Remember ,our goal here is to get as many free resources in War Robots without paying even a single penny, and we are striving to do is as early as possible.The Walking War Robots community member. Community

Because this simple method requires you to pay for Gold ,our main goal is to get resources completely free ,without any charges.. Initially, paying for some free game sounds quick and simple but don't make the mistake: it's always an expensive investition to spend your precious money on F2P game that isn't even giving you the deserved portions for the amount of money.

While the time goes on, your cash spendings stack up and you keep on giving your precious money to a FREE to play game. By involving paying in the second method it really makes the whole thing saturated. Are you still in search for free Gold and Silver for War Robots ? If the answer is yes then keep on reading !

The Third Method

The third method of gathering resources is by using the Walking War Robots Hack tools, buying Gold is the way our site recommends to people that find War Robots fun and exciting game. This method is not only swift ,it is also completely free and it doesn't charge you even not a penny! You will simply save your money and precious time and you will also beat your competition in no time !

War Robots Wallpaper
War Robots HD wallpaper

Of course, the marketplace is full of War Robots hack tools ,there is an exception to this one ,unlike other tools ,this one actually WORKS! Make sure to follow the tool instructions so that you receive free Gold and Silver SUCCESSFULY!

How to use the War Robots hack generator Tool

1. Acces the Generator

The War Robots hack access button

2. Input your War Robots Username and then choose the amount of Gold and Silver you want and then click Generate now

3. Wait for the generation process

4. As the final step in the War Robots hack you need to verify that you are human by clicking the "Verify Now" button and completing the verification by installing 2 apps or completing 2 simple surveys

5. Leave a positive comment

Note: Please check update notes before using the the generator.