War Robots Gameplay – Manni-Gaming playing with Vortex Thermite Fenrir Mk2

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Manni-Gaming Vortex Thermite Mk2 Gameplay

In the latest video from Manni-Gaming, he is having quite some fun by playing the troll tank and making his opponents rage.


He had also mentioned how much he loves Vortex and the Thermite so that made him figure out the fun and at the same time weird combo.

Manni-Gaming’s commentary opinion on the combo:

All of you probably know by now how much I love Vortex and Thermite. So it was only a matter of time until I figured out that this would make a really weird and fun combo on the Fenrir. So here it is… The first TANK TROLL with “Fire and Forget Missiles”… 🙂 Enjoy!

Although this combo is not so suitable for the optimal gaming experience, it was indeed fun to watch Manni destroy some newbies!

How to max out your resources just as Manni did?

You’ve probably watched Manni playing War Robots bunch of times, and you’ve wondered how does he get all those golds and silver. Well, as he is a hardcore War Robots fan, he is probably using his money to buy the resources he needs to make these fun to watch videos!

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The War Robots gaming industry is so hungry for new videos that’s why Manni-Gaming is so popular among younger gamers who like to watch him play and do a funny game commentary.


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