War Robots Hack – Review and Summary

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War Robots Hack benefits and update review

War Robots Hack 2019 Update Review

Despite the new update, our tool is still undergoing a major traffic problem. We’ve planned to move our servers to a better place and save much more time fixing our War Robots hack servers and therefore to upgrade site loading time.

Benefits of using War Robots Hack

When you search for War Robots game review, you will find many complaints about the Pay-to-Win game system. The game is unbalanced, and therefore there are so much game exploiters!
When you start the matchmaking, it will fill you in a team that will probably abuse infinite-invisibility or infinite-hovering.
If it doesn’t fill you with such a team, you will probably get players that are spending $2000 for a game to win and get awarded with weapons that destroy you in less than 5 seconds.

War Robots Hack Free Gold

War Robots free Gold icon

Acquiring currency such as Gold or silver is hard even though the nature of the game requires tons of Gold! Workshop bonuses and conversions are also expensive. Anyway, there are much easier ways of obtaining some decent robots.

Lack of Gold and monetization problem

The Problem: If you want to win a game, you have to acquire the best equipment. You could upgrade your robot to the point where your robot destroys all the other in a few seconds but only if you had enough gold.

To earn the most powerful weapons in-game and robots you will have to buy gold. It’s a currency that you will get in rare occasions for free. It doesn’t sound hard right? It is because you need thousands of gold to upgrade anything in the game.

If you were about to buy gold directly in-game, it would cost you a massive amount of cash, for the money you could buy a premium combat shooter game and enjoy the experience.

You will often get SALE in-game window, so you think it’s a discount just for you, but it’s a trick to make players avoid War Robots hack, anyway the prices are too high, and you will have to spend more than you think!

The most noticed part about this game is that you have games that trick you into spending gold. There is a mini-game in which you flip cards to get more rewards. The problem with this game is that you will flip all the cards and still receive a smaller amount than you invested in the first place.

War Robots hack illustration of in-game economy

War Robots economy system meme

Bottom line: Many of the War Robots players would support the developers if they changed the game economy aspects. It’s simply not ethical, and many of the users tend to acquire gold by using the free War Robots hack tool because the game mechanics are ridiculous, and they deceive the players into spending money.

War Robots Hack 1.01 after-update review

As mentioned before, we received complaints about War Robots hack loading speed, we know that it might be frustrating for some of you, and we are currently working on it.

New update release date

We are expecting a further update as soon as we fix the on-going maintenance and re-make the interface. We’ve already started working on the vital hack tool aspects. The new update is there in the next few months.

Stay Positive!

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